back-to-school-themed garments

Fashion students at County Prep High School have created back-to-school-themed garments

The school uniform has unexpectedly made a statement in recent trends. Once considered stuffy and restrictive in its dress code ethics, the ensemble has surprisingly found its roots in fashion through designer runway collections, surging styles, and pop culture.

There is something for everyone on display in County Prep’s Mall area: dresses, pleated skirts, vests, khaki shorts, and hoodies, all incorporating HCST district colors, logo, school ID, and adhering to the dress code.

Students Designers are Isaiah Noel, Justin Parrenas, Ashley Persaud, Nayalie Ramirez, Britteny Steen, Nhu Tang, Yua Esteban, Fabiana Morales, Melanie Feliz, Jonathan Latchman, Britney Urbina, Dylan Kessler, and Elise Lauz.

The chalk background was drawn by Yua Esteban.

Please stop by to view the collection

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