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Explore Student Council Elections 2022-2023

Explore Middle School Student Council

Explore Middle School Student Council

Explore Middle School’s annual Student Council Elections were held on October 31st with guest speaker Mayor Dina Grilo of the Borough of East Newark. The elections were led and prepared by Supervisor and Science teacher, Ms. Lauren Norcia along with advisors, Ms. Mary Norcia, Ms. Bermas, and Ms. Cirillo.

For the election process, students had the opportunity to nominate themselves or another classmate from their grade level for class representative. To become a candidate for class representative, each student had to receive a minimum of three nominations. Students also nominated an 8th-grade student for Vice President and President of the Student Council.

  • 6th grade Class Representative candidates included Alex Whelan, Hudson Phillips, Miah Fowler, Milla Puchowski, and Elin Drumeler.
  • 7th-grade class representative candidates included Desmond Tripp, Rohan Grover, and Orchid Ryals, and Alexis Teeters.
  • 8th-grade class representative candidates included Sofia Santomauro, Maria Naatus, Hilarya Ishaq, who ran opposed.

Vice Presidential candidates included Michelle Ramnath and Adam Czaplicki.

Presidential candidates included Xavier Robertson and Dmitri Sobolev.

Each candidate campaigned for their position and prepared a speech that was delivered on election day. The candidates for class representative presented their speeches to their corresponding grades. The entire student body was invited to the gymnasium to hear the speeches of the candidates for Vice President and President.

Prior to the Vice Presidential and Presidential student speeches, Mayor Dina Grillo addressed the student body. Mayor Grillo shared details of what inspired her to run for office. She advised students to “Identify the problem and then, identify the solution.” Utilizing that advice, she encouraged students to make a change and be the change they would like to see in the future.

Immediately following the assembly, students returned to advisory where they voted for class representative, vice president, and president. Students returned to the gym for a Halloween Costume Contest, followed by the announcement of the winners.

  • 6th-grade representatives: Alex Whelan, Hudson Phillips, and Miah Fowler
  • 7th-grade representatives: Desmond Tripp, Orchid Ryals, and Alexis Teeters
  • 8th-grade representatives: Sofia Santomauro, Maria Naatus, and Hilarya Ishaq

Michelle Ramnath was voted Student Body Vice President. Commenting on her win, Michelle shared, “I am really appreciative of my win for vice president of Explore Middle School. Now I am able to improve the school in ways that I can make possible for the students, teachers, and staff. This is a great opportunity to show my true abilities and I am very grateful for this win.”

Dmitiri Sobolev was elected Student Body President. Dmitri said, “I am appreciative to all of the students who voted for me and I am excited to make this year fun for everyone.”

“On behalf of the Explore Middle School Community, I would like to congratulate all students who participated in the election; and, thank you to Mayor Grilo for supporting our student council and advocating for our students,” shared Principal Krone.

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