Explore Middle School Celebrates LinkIt! Top Scores

Each Spring, students in the State of New Jersey participate in the (NJSLA) New Jersey Student Learning Assessment for English Language Arts, Math, and Science. The NJSLA is designed to assess the curriculum content and skills that our students experience every day in our classrooms. The results also provide Hudson County Schools of Technology and, specifically, Explore Middle School faculty with important information regarding student progress.

In addition to meeting the standards through our classwork, homework and projects, we give three English Language Arts, Math and Science benchmark assessments each year through a program called LinkIt! The first test allows us to collect diagnostic baseline information; the second test, given in January, allows us to progress monitor growth, and the final test in March will measure end-of-year expectations of the standards. Benchmarking results, combined with other information about our students’ academic performance, help to inform individual goal setting, strategic differentiation, and measurement of growth on specific standards and the overall curriculum. Students are encouraged to do their personal best on each benchmark assessment.

This year, Superintendent Amy Lin-Rodriguez and the Curriculum and Instruction Office publicly recognized all of the top performers on these exams. Trophies were awarded to the top classes in the district across all of the classes. The trophies will travel from class to class depending on which class is the top section in the district for that exam. The winning class will have the honor of holding the trophy until the next test and the teachers name and section will be placed on the trophy. Besides the team awards for the class, individual awards were given to the top scorers in each school on each test. All first, second, and third place students received a challenge coin with the HCST logo and recognition of academic achievement written around the edge of the logo. This will continue for Linkit B and C with additional awards given to the classes and students with the greatest improvement. Congratulations to all of the winners and keep it up for Linkit B in January!

Linkit Form A Winners:

  • Science: Ms. M Norcia & Ms. L Norcia’s 8th Period 6th Grade Class
  • Math: Mrs. Kettleman’s 2nd Period 7th Grade Class
  • ELA: Mr. Kraft’s 8th Period 6th Grade Class
  • Science: Annabelle White (6), John Dickson (6), Yulia Pavolv (6), Andrew Rodriguez (6) & Polina Sobolev (6) all tied for 1st place
  • Math: Thomas Hamilton (6) 1st Place, Wyatt Stanke (8) 2nd Place & Alexander Whelan (7) 3rd Place
  • ELA: Marley Amy (8) 1st Place, Alexander Whelan (7) & Anna Matos (7) tied for 2nd place


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