Explore Celebrates the Week of Respect

Explore Celebrates the Week of Respect

(October 14, 2021 -- Jersey City) To celebrate the Week of Respect, Explore staff and students demonstrated spirit and solidarity against bullying with a show of spirit from October 4th - 7th. Staff and students were invited to dress up for the week according to a theme for each day.

Monday staff and students wore blue in honor of World Bullying Prevention Day. On Tuesday, they wore bright colors and patterns to radiate respect. Wednesday was a pajama day to put bullying to bed and Thursday was a dress alike day to unite as one. Staff and students enjoyed the opportunity to showcase their creativity and come together for a cause.

6th grader Kennhi Ngyuen enjoyed the chance to dress out of uniform. “Pajama day was my favorite. We were able to be comfy and at the same time show our creativity. It was really fun to see what my classmates and the staff chose to wear.”

In honor of the week, Peer Leadership, led by Ms. Bermas and Ms. Cirillo, created a bulletin board to showcase what respect means as well as the values of the Explore wolfpack. The students of peer leadership collaborated on the visual presentation of the board and used an assortment of student work, including art and poetry, to convey the meaning of respect.

Ms. Bermas commented on the students’ effort. “The peer leaders truly came together as a team to work on this project. The students were able to integrate the values being taught throughout the week into their message. It was a positive way for the students to promote the week and its ideals to their fellow classmates and was a project they really enjoyed!”

Throughout the week, students participated in various learning activities to mark the occasion. Among those activities, the 6th graders worked on a creative representation depicting how one can give respect. 7th graders discussed the impact of social media and how to use the outlet in a positive and meaningful way. 8th graders were given the opportunity to reflect on a time when they have treated someone disrespectfully, the impact of that time, and what they learned from the experience.

6th grader Orchid Ryals reflected on the week. “Everyone was vibrant and happy. We had the chance to express our individuality and the week helped to spread positivity throughout the school.”

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