Explore 2000 Middle School Visits the American Museum of Natural History

November 14, 2016

        Explore 2000's South House went on a field experience to the American Museum of Natural
History. In the museum, students walked around gathering notes and information. I learned many things on this trip such as the various ecosystems, the layers of the ocean and the different organisms that live in it. "It was a sensational experience, learning and seeing different species in our ocean," said Robbie, a  3rd Year student. Ths trip was unique in that we had the opportunity to learn about the creatures and their habitats.

        My favorite part of this field experience was experiencing a different area of  the museum. Another 3rd Year student, Serena, said "It was great to reminisce about what we learned our 1st Year and to expand my knowledge. "One thing that caught my attention was a certain display. It was on manatees. Ever since my 2nd Year, my class and I have been fascinated by manatees from our experience of hearing poems and writing about them with our teacher Mr. Dunphy.

        My fellow classmates and I were also captivated by the humumgous Blue Whale model in the middle of the gallery. This field experience was a great opportunity to learn and help further our knowledge for essential questions and our ocean unit. 2nd Year student Janette stated it excellently, "This trip was very informative and a great resource for showcase." Overall, we learned an abundance of information and hope to return soon.

Andrew Kibalo      
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