Explore 2000 Middle School Students On the Ropes Course


On May 25, 2016, the Explore 2000 1st Year and  2nd Year students participated in the Ropes Course at Ring Homestead Camp in Middletown, NY. They supported and encouraged each other while having fun and overcoming their fears on the zip line, tightrope, trapeze and many other team-building activities.

First Year were grouped with their Second Year mentors as an opportunity to solidify and strengthen their bonds before welcoming the new group of 1st Years in September. This activity was made possible by the generosity of Linda Quentzel and the HCST Foundation.

The "Outdoor Ropes Confidence Course" is designed to challenge the students physically and mentally while building team spirit, collaborating, self-esteem, self-confidence and developing problem solving strategies.

The students reacted to the field experience: Jordan, a 1st Year student said, "I learned that if you put your mind to something, you can get it done!"
First Year student Jeremy reflected, "It was a good way to face fears and find adventure. We also got to practice teamwork skills."
Jaylin, a 1st Year student, said, "It was liberating!" 
Second Year student Ariana stated, "It was a way to boost my confidence and get rid of my fears!"
Patrick, a 2nd Year student felt, "It helped to created a stronger bond between first and second year students."
Finally, Second Year student Andrew explained, "It felt good to support and encourage my friends and classmates. It was also a lot of fun!"

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