Explore 2000 Middle School Spirit Week

The week of March 7 - 11, 2016 brought the students and staff of Explore 2000 Middle School together for originality, creativity and fundraising expressed through activities, special snacks and ingenious outfits all planned by the third year students.

Mix and Match Monday organized by Makena Ortiz, Angelina Ponce, Aleema Ali, Aaron Joshua, Daniel McLain and Jonathan Pham. Students who paid $5 a week or $2 a day to participate in the costume theme instead of their uniforms mixed unmatched patterns, colors and styles for Mix & Match day. In one case a student mixed up super hero outfits. The after lunch snack was Sundaes on Monday. A cup of ice cream and up to three toppings were available for $3. The activity during recess was a tug of war in six rounds with four teams of students and staff.

Twin Tuesday, organized by Monday's crew with the addition of Danielle Pinto called for two or more people to dress the same, the snack was ice pop bars and the activity was a Twin Fashion Show. The winners were first year students Daniel Lozano and Christopher Rivera.

Way Back Wednesday offered participants the chance to wear clothes that reflected a time from the past or just from their own past. Jonathan Pham, Christopher Casavecchia and Aaron Joshua were the brains behind this day. The snacks were popcorn and juice and the activity was pie in the face.

Team Jersey Thursday allowed students and staff to wear shirts, hats and other items showing off their favorite teams. Snacks were fruit, granola bars and sports drinks. Basketball and volleyball were the activities, continuing the sports theme conceived by Avery Williams, Shahber Tahir, Michael Ganess and Cesar Betancurth.

Formal Friday ended the week with a touch of class, organized by the same team as Thursday. All were invited to wear formal clothing, decorate their own cupcakes for a snack and join in on a school dance. There was also the opportunity to be Principal for the day.

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