Explore 2000 Middle School Remembers Alumnus Police Officer Melvin Santiago

(Jersey City- July 17, 2014) Explore 2000 Middle School was fortunate to have welcomed the Jersey City hero, Melvin Santiago, to the HCST family as a First Year Student. In 2002, Santiago came to the Hudson County school with excellent recommendations as an “independent worker who can handle making important decisions about his learning.” There is no doubt he went on to make an important decision with his life when choosing to serve as a Jersey City Police Officer.
 Known for his respect and caring nature, socially Melvin was a good fit for Explore 2000 Middle School which prides itself on fostering strong character development. Alumnus Parent Ann Marie Navarro, “I'm so sad today. My heart goes out to the family of Officer Melvin Santiago. We raise our kids with good morals and respect. We teach them right from wrong and send them out into the world on their own and pray that they will be alright.” Santiago was remembered by staff and fellow classmates who commented on his thoughtful qualities and pleasing personality. “To know that an Explore 2000 alumnus has passed away is heartbreaking and hits close to home…from what I can remember, he was a quirky guy who always had a smile on his face. My prayers and thoughts are with his family,” shared Millicent Lucero, Class of 2005. Mona Lisa Jones, Class of 2005 added, “He was such a sweet heart!”

 “Melvin was such a happy child learning with Explore,” tearfully reflected Assistant Principal Amy Lin-Rodriguez who was his First Year teacher, “His smile was infectious and his kind spirit added peace to our family. Let’s take this time to stay positive and honor his life while keeping his family in our thoughts.” The full-honors funeral for Melvin Santiago will be conducted this Friday, July 18th. The Heroes Memorial Foundation sponsored by www.goheroes.us is supporting an event SHINE YOUR PORCH LIGHT FOR OFFICER MELVIN SANTIAGO. In conjunction with the remembrance, they have established this lights-on event to honor the sacrifice of this officer. Please turn on your porch lights on this Friday evening to contribute to our remembrance.

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