Explore 2000 Middle School Celebrates Black History Month

On February 12, 2016 Black History Month came to life at Explore 2000 Middle School. A buffet breakfast was set out for the visitors who seemed to enjoy it very much. Included were eggs, bacon. sausage, grits, fried chicken and more. Following the meal there was a video presentation of Black history in America.

A live presentation for all of the students, staff and guests followed. Many students wore red carnations to show that they were volunteers available to guide and assist the guests. Ms. Michele Jefferey, event coordinater began the assembly with a short talk, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Ruquiya Sabry and Alifa Amin. Lauralie Mufute sang the Star Spangled Banner.

Guests included Tony Goodson, Commander of VFW Post #2294 in Jersey City, Glen Flora, Commander of VFW Post #226 in Bayonne, Ms Lenora Brown, Ms Florence Holmes, Ms Pearl Jones, Ms Aleta Carter and Ms Pamela Gardner, County Clerk.

The Zuwati African Dancers demonstrated dances and costumes to the audience. They brought volunteers to the front of the room for a very exuberant dance lesson accompanied by a response sing along.
(After their own performances, they brought volunteers to the front of the room for a very exuberant dance lesson accompanied by a response sing along.)
Lauralie Mufute returned to sing a breathtaking version of "At Last" which truly honored singer Etta James. A game of Name That Sitcom entertained everyone. A description of a sitcom about African American characters was given by Luciano Dinguis and Jaheem Ellison and answers came from the panel of guests: Charles Matthews, Donald Brown, William Statham, Sullivan Johnson, Irving Peoples, and Kevin Williamson, the Director of the Jersey City Recreation Department. Prizes were awarded.
The day's celebration concluded with a wonderful performance by Jersey City's own Soul Generation, featuring Mr. Cliff Perkins and Cheryl Statham, soloist.
Other students who served as volunteers are: Laila Downing, Jianna Rodriguez, Madison Ragland, Zaynab Shaikh, Amanda Zweifler, Sarah Masoud, Faith Johnson, Yazan Baghdady, Marcus Reichart, Brianne Brown, Joanne Joshua, Amy Le, and Arianna Rodriguez.

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