Empowering Innovation:
Industrial Design and Animation Seniors Fabricate Prosthetic Hands for a Purpose

In the latest Industrial Design and Animation III Class, seniors embarked on an innovative journey merging creativity with compassion. Utilizing rapid prototyping technology, namely the Stratasys CR190, students crafted low-cost prosthetic upper limb devices tailored for both children and adults. Guided by digital models and instructions from the esteemed Enabling the Future organization, our students embraced the challenge with gusto.

Under the curriculum banner of "Prototyping with Purpose: Human-Centered Engineering Design Challenges," these budding engineers and designers delved deep into the realm of human-centered design. Their efforts culminated in the creation of prosthetic hands that not only promise functionality but also bear the mark of affordability and accessibility.
The culmination of their hard work goes beyond the classroom, as these prosthetic hands are set to be donated to the Enabling the Future organization. By contributing to their extensive database, our students are not only making a difference but also embodying the ethos of service and innovation.

Congratulations to the dedicated team behind this remarkable project: Adrian Pardo, Joshua Glinoga, Hunter Magan, Aidan Pearson, and David Martino. Their collaboration exemplifies the power of ingenuity and empathy in shaping a better tomorrow.

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