CP’s Student Council Hosts Movie Night: Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse

“We could always be Spider-Man with the mask on, but now, and perhaps more important, we can be Spider-Man with the mask off as well.”
-Miles Morales
Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse was shown at County Prep High School’s Movie Night on March 29th. Miles Morales, a spanglish speaking, Afro-Latino teen with a love for Post Malone, Air Jordans, graffiti, and of course school becomes the teen Spider-Man of his reality, crossing paths with five counterparts from other dimensions to stop a threat from all realities. Looking at the big screen a lot of County Preppers could relate to several aspects of the movie; from Morales’ being biracial, to not fitting into societal norms, to having to rise to the occasion.
The room in which the movie was being watched contained a total of 52 students. Movie Night, which is a common event at County Prep where previous showings have included flicks such as Insidious and IT, is a way of  not only raising funds to put towards the school, but a way of connecting students to others through film. Upon entering the room students were granted the opportunity to purchase concessions to devour during the showing. In addition all were given numbered tickets for a raffle, where the winner received a copy of the movie, Spider: Into the Spider Verse. The lucky winner was #32, Danaisha Smith.


Showing the limitless possibilities of the Spider Verse, where more than one person can wear the mask, the movie definitely lived up to expectations. Solely based off of the audience’s expressions, the movie was a tearjerker, quite humorous, and with unforeseen plot twists, quite the shocker as well.  Ultimately, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse offered nearly two-hours of stunning and altogether captivating animation that beautifully rendered to bring the superhero origin story of Miles Morales - and the Spider-Verse - to life in a never-before-seen manner. Throughout the film Miles Morales was told he would never know when he was ready unless he took a “leap of faith”; this resonated with all in the audience, for the movie was filled with truths that could be applied in all of our lives. This event was put together by the Student Council, in which we’d like to thank Mr. Carey, Mr. Carey, and Ms. Torres for supervising, as well as the Student Council staff for donating their time to making this Movie Night a success.
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