County Prep’s Theatre Arts Students Perform in the Sixth Annual Improv Show and Fundraiser

(February 7th, 2020) Only two weeks after our very successful run of Chicago, the Musical, County Prep Theatre Arts improvisers performed in our Sixth Annual Improv Show, which consisted of one act made of skits created through improvisation by the Improv class and a second act improvised on the spot by all Theatre Arts performers, and created with audience participation. The audience picked places, relationships, gave quotes from movies to be integrated in the games, and gave ideas as to which turn a skit could take.

The show was hosted by Senior Yvelisse Vargas, in the first act, and by Seniors Tyla Gibson and Dynajah Smith in the second act. The members of the Improv after school class Juniors Ivellisses Segovia, Nyellie Muniz, James Quach and Kaine Malachi, Sophomores Fred Veloz, Jaden Misaro, Matthew Segovia, Ethan Barragan, Madison Roman, Michele Oshiro and Freshmen Arianna Czaplicki, Kawtar Laouej, Selsabil Belmokhtar and Elleria Perez were joined by special guests Freshman Alexandria Nunez, Sophomore Reanna Cruz, Juniors Kayla Velazquez, Alyssa Anglade, and Seniors Yvellise Vargas, Tyla Gibson and Dynajah Smith.

The improvisers won the heart of the audience performing games such as Freeze Tag, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Exits and Entrances, Sitting, Standing, Lying, Taxi, What Are you Trying to Say?, Director, Here Comes Jill, and What Happens Next?

Ms. Shields is extremely proud of her extraordinary creative improvisers as well as the technical crew of the evening; student lighting, and sound technicians, Junior Eianna Martinez, and Senior Sheily Mateos, our costume designer Senior Esmeralda Garcia, and and house managers Esther Placide, Alexandria Nunez and Reanna Cruz. Thank you to all performers and crew for such a fun and amazing performance!

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