County Prep’s Music and Audio Technology Students Attain Audinate Dante Certifications

Dante is the future of Audio Networking in the recording industry. It gives recording studios the ability to connect complex audio systems using networking technology. The Audinate Dante Certification program provides an easy way for system designers, engineers and others in the industry to learn about Dante with in-depth training and promote their expertise. The certification program demonstrates Dante proficiency to potential employers and clients. The certification program currently has three levels, but the goal is to add specializations by industry in the future. Since County Prep’s new Music Technology Lab will be Dante-based, this will give students an in-depth understanding of how the recording studio works and how this new cutting edge technology is applied across all audio and video platforms. Currently all Mr. Figuereo’s junior and senior classes have completed and attained their Dante Level 1 Certifications. The goal is to expose our students to real world training and industry certifications that will help them pursue careers once they graduate from our program. 

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