County Prep’s Improvisation Class Performs in the Third Annual Improv Show: County Prep Live

Only two weeks after our very successful run of The Fantasticks, County Prep theatre arts improvisers performed in our third annual improvisation event, County Prep Live.
The show was loosely formatted after NBC’s Saturday Night Live. It was hosted by Matthew Riccardi, with special musical guest Kailyn Segovia and guest appearances by Theatre Arts alumnus Gianni Ortega and Theatre Arts Senior Adam Hassan.
The cast created the characters and the skits in their after school credited class. Together with Ms. Shields, the director, the performers picked some of their best work and put together a two hour laughter-filled event that stood out for its precise comedic timing, current events relevance and sheer fun. The performers in order of appearance were Matthew Riccardi, Quinton Casillas, Kyle Velazquez, Dynajah Smith, Abigail Wright, Alexis Medel, Tyla Gibson, Sirena Morales, Emily Bowen, Yvelisse Vargas, Miriam Martinez, and Humberto Andujar. 
Some of the highlights of the show were the Cold Opening set in the Oval Office, and Celebrity Jeopardy with celebrity impersonations of Tom Cruise, Sofia Vergara, Kylie Jenner and The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes. Other audience favorites were Friday Update hosted by Matthew Riccardi and Shanqueesha and the Prom Dress Skit, scripted with the help of script writer Karissa Cruz. Finally, the show concluded with a Carpool Karaoke episode with Desiigner, Ariana Grande, Niky Minaj and Liza Minelli celebrity impersonations.
Ms. Shields is extremely proud of her extraordinary creative improvisers as well as the technical crew of the evening; student sound and lighting technicians Alexis Medel, Cindy Ramos and Delana Ramos.

Thank you all performers and crew for such an amazing performance!

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