County Prep's Graphic Tech and Social Skills Club Partner for Special Education Week

County Prep’s Graphic Tech and Social Skills Club Partner for Special Education Week

Students in County Prep's Graphic Technology Vocation and the Social Skills Club partnered to create a school display celebrating Special Education Week in the district and New Jersey from May 15-19, 2023. The colorful exhibit featured statements from members of the school's Social Skills Club about how special education services have benefited their education and lives. Among the benefits club members cited were growing independence, more time to do assignments, feeling more comfortable in class and around others, getting extra help when needed, becoming more confident, improving conversational skills, and making new friends. The Graphic Technology students' original designs included inspirational cutouts of able and differently-abled characters representing the range of disabilities served through the district's special education and related services. "Designing the art for the display allowed me to partake in bringing awareness to Special Education. This display will help people recognize the qualities and skills of special education students that are often overlooked because of their learning disabilities. We all learn in different ways and we shouldn't let that define who we are or what we are capable of," said Andrea Jaigobind, Graphic Technology Student of the Senior Class. "I felt it was important to create a display and have the students involved in every aspect. The students designed, printed, cut and placed all designs. I am very proud of how the students came together and worked hard at creating an eye-catching, visually pleasing display," said Ms. Rubio, Graphic Technology Teacher.

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