Teen Arts 2022 Wineers

County Prep Teen Arts 2022

This year’s Hudson County Teen Arts was held at the Bayonne Public Library between May 6th to May 13th. This was our first year back at the library since 2019, and our students did not disappoint. According to Mr. Gerard Patten, County Prep students turned in over 100 photos and works of art in this year’s competition. Our students won 10 Judges Awards and a Top Honor’s Award respectively. The Top Honor went on to The Rotunda Gallery in Jersey City Hall, where Roshangel Estabas received a plaque and certificate for her beautiful “Sweet Delight” work of art.

A special thanks to our Superintendent, Amy Lin Rodriguez for her support in the arts and for attending the Bayonne Library Ceremony where she helped cheer on the winners. Thanks Also to Maria Rubio, our Graphic Arts instructor also in attendance. According to Mr. Patten, “It was wonderful to see our students attend the ceremony and the support of our administration has been nothing short of wonderful. I am so proud of all the students who participated in this great event. Thanks also to our principal, Ms. Mendolla for her support and guidance throughout the entire process.” Please enjoy the photos of the winners!

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