County Prep Students Receive Awards at Hudson County Teen Arts Alliance

This year's Hudson County Teen Arts Alliance was held at the Bayonne Public Library from May 5th until the 11th. County Prep High School received 5 Judges Awards and 1 Top Honors Award. 

Top Honors were awarded to Senior Olesya Hreb for her "Art Requires Concentration" photograph. This is the third year in a row Olesya has been recognized at Teen Arts, winning two Top Honors and a Judges Award. 

Judges Awards were given to the following students:

Sophomore Michelle Nunez for her "Stairway to Heaven" photograph
Sophomore Alexandra DeJesus for her "Ahuelita" photograph
Senior Dimitri Rodriguez for his "What Else" Photograph
Junior Ralph Macias for his artwork called "Angel Hair"
Senior Cassie Cahill for her artwork called "Out of the Wild"

County Prep students will also participate in an exhibition at the New Jersey City University Visual Arts Building Gallery between May 19th and June 2ndCongratulations to these students for representing County Prep High School in the Teen Arts.

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