County Prep Students Attend Performance of Romeo and Juliet at the Pax Amicus Theater

On Tuesday, May 9th, County Prep students attended a performance of Romeo and Juliet at the Pax Amicus Castle Theater in Budd Lake, NJ. World Literature students in Mrs. Ashe's classes, Ms. Noel's classes, and Ms. Torres's & Ms. Granato's classes studied the play earlier this year. Students were impressed by the live performance, noting how talented the actors and actresses were in bringing the play they read to life. Students from Ms. Torres's & Ms. Bello's "Teachers for Tomorrow" classes also joined the group. Audience members were given the chance to see the story of the "two star-crossed lovers" unfold in an intimate theater experience. The Castle Shakespeare Repertory is a professional actor's company in residence at Pax Amicus, directed by Stan Barber. After the performance, they held a sword fighting demonstration for the audience and a Q&A session with the students.

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