County Prep Student’s Account of 2015 European Trip

Italy, France and Spain 2015
by Giovanni Privitera
This year the trip we went on and the things we saw were amazing. We started our adventure off in Italy. Italy truly is a beautiful place. Even flying in you could just see all the mountains and plains, making a great scenery. In Italy, we went to Rome, Florence, Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri, Pisa and the home of the Pope, Vatican City. Each of these places share a country, but have their uniqueness. In Rome, we visited the Roman Coliseum and learned about the hundreds of years it took to recover and unravel the ruins of the Roman Empire. We traveled deep into the ruins of Pompeii and learned how they lived there and what they did as artistry. In Rome we also visited the Trevi fountain and the Spanish steps. In Florence we saw the Duomo and learned about the history of art and leather in Florence. Of course, we had to see the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa in Pisa.
France was next. What a wonderful place! On our way into the country we were able to drive around Monaco and see the beauty of this rich principality. We visited a perfume factory and learned the process of how perfume is made. We went to Nice, Cannes, and Avignon. The beaches in Nice, Cannes and everywhere we saw in France were beautiful. Spending the night looking over the sunset on one of these beaches was truly a “picture perfect” moment. We also went to a sound and light show that had music and projections of paintings from the Renaissance that were truly wonderful.
The next destination was Spain. What another wonderful country! We visited Barcelona and Madrid. In Barcelona we saw the many amazing architectural styles of the famous architect Gaudi. The Sagrada Famiglia built by him is truly a magnificent piece of architectural success even though this church is still not finished and will not be for about another 10 years. In Madrid, we learned about the history of the royalty and the bull fights. We went to one of the most famous stadiums where bull fights still take place today. We were able to go inside the Royal Palace in Spain which is not home to royalty anymore but is a great sight to see.

Europe is truly all around magnificent and I hope to go again!

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