County Prep Sophomore, Rozana Deryas, To Compete in the 2018 Special Olympics

County Prep sophomore, Rozana Deryas, will be competing this summer at the 2018 Special Olympics in Seattle, Washington. Rozana will be part of TEAM NEW JERSEY and will represent the state in three swimming events: 25 meter freestyle, 25 meter backstroke, and the 4X200 freestyle relay. “It is an honor to represent New Jersey. I can’t wait,” declared Rozana.  The student’s family will be accompanying her to cheer Rozana on. “Going to Nationals and winning is Rozana’s main dream, and to get this recognition is extremely rewarding,” added Rania Deryas, Rozana’s mother. Rozana’s selection to the Special Olympics is the culmination of a lot of hard work, with daily practices and sacrificing free time. Rozana is also a hard worker in the classroom, with a high GPA, and enrolled in the medical science vocation. “We are so pleased by Rozana’s accomplishment. We are honored that Rozana will not only represent the state but also her County Prep family and we will be there in spirit to root for her success,” added Barbara Mendolla, principal. Rozana also competed this past year on the swimming team for her home high school, Dickinson.

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