County Prep Performing Arts Earn 6 Teen Arts Awards

County Prep High School Performing Arts Classes attended the Hudson County Teen Arts Alliance Festival on May 28th and June 2nd.  Instructors Raluca Shields and Heather Warfel Sandler brought over 40 students to participate in workshops and performances over the two days. 
The highest award of Top Honors in Dance went to County Prep Junior Tamijah Southerland’s choreography, Tabow, which she performed with fellow junior Diana Uribe.  “As a teacher this is an amazing moment, for a student’s work to be recognized above other choreography by teachers and guest artists.  We have a strong focus in the County Prep Dance Program on the creative process, and this recognition is a testament to our strength in that particular area, and to Tamijah’s innovation and understanding of the art form” says Ms.Warfel Sandler.  The dance program also won a Judges Award for a solo performed by Gianna Diaz, and a Judges Award for “Ready”, choreographed by Ms.Warfel and performed by the 407 Dance Company.
The Theater classes also earned 3 Judges Awards. The first was awarded to the cast of The Wiz, who performed 3 songs from the show, and whose energy and commitment were recognized by the judges.  The other awards went to the cast of The Seagull, who performed the full play at County Prep last week, and Juan Ferreira’s portrayal of the Tin Man in “Slide Some Oil to Me”.  The Theater classes also presented 2 scenes in the Small Drama category. 
Ms.Shields and Ms.Warfel Sandler commend all of the students on their work and professionalism throughout the festival.

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