County Prep Environmental Science Students Create Bella the Bride Bouquet

Ms. Rose's Environmental Science students at County Prep High School made a bridal bouquet out of Tyvek for Bella the Bride.  It is showcased at the Deirdre Imus Cancer Center at Hackensack Hospital. Bella the Bride represents the beauty found through sustainable practices.  Bella’s wedding gown is the latest addition to the Recycle Runway Collection; a traveling exhibit showcasing sustainable fashion designs made from trash. The dress personifies the importance of recycling discarded waste, specifically healthcare packaging, which could otherwise be sent to landfill. Bella’s pure white gown is pieced and sewn out of discarded Tyvek®, a clean, flexible, white plastic, sterilizable material, widely used in medical device packaging. Tyvek® was selected because of its ability to be recycled or recovered for re-purposing. 

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