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County Prep Dance Offers an Emotional Journey in HUMAN

JERSEY CITY, NJ, MAY 1, 2022 - The Dance Program at County Prep High School in Jersey City will present its 21st Annual Dance Concert, human, on May 12 & May 13 at 7pm. Tickets are $5 for students and $8 General Admission.

County Prep seniors Isabella Colon, Kassandra Esparra, Arianna Rodriguez, Charlene Domingo, and Liana Cotto conceived of the production and serve as Artistic Directors. The message conveyed with this work is one of validation: each of us is allowed to be emotionally vulnerable, and to feel and express a wide range of emotions throughout our lives. The production features choreography by the artistic directors, junior dance majors, and Guest Artists Meagan Woods, Kayla Alvarez, Jonathan Shwing Pena, and  Alora Martinez. Ms.Martinez’ work comes through County Prep’s ChIRP Residency Program, in which professional dance companies rehearse, perform, and teach in the County Prep Theater. The 2021-22 school year welcomed the renowned Ladies of HipHip company, who recently performed at the Guggenheim Museum, as new partners to the County Prep Dance Program.

Director Heather Warfel Sandler says, “It has been an emotional few years for many of us in many different ways, and I am moved by the depth with which our young choreographers have translated their experiences into movement. Our program requires a unique kind of risk-taking that asks students to train and perform in progressive new ways that challenge their understanding of what dance is and of the world around them. Out of that has risen a full-hearted, impactful evening of dance that is not to be missed.”

County Prep Dance was founded by Ms.WarfelSandler in 2000, and approaches dance from a holistic and creative perspective. The program prioritizes student identity and cultural relevance through the influence of alternative movement forms such as Gaga, Functional Awareness, Contact Improvisation, and LeCoq technique. Find out more at www.countyprepdance.org and www.hcstonline.org

Tickets for human:  TICKETS FOR HUMAN

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