County Prep Culinary Arts Team Wins 1st Place Gold

On Friday, March 3rd, the County Prep High School Culinary Arts team competed in the Skills USA “MRE” challenge. There were fourteen teams in the contest. The student chefs were given 6 MREs:  “meals ready to eat that military branches use when training or in battle.” The gold medal winners created a meal which consisted of three courses that corresponded to the military:

A cheese flan in the shape of a submarine (Navy)
A beef ravioli with cheese on top of a vegetable biscuit

A bunker and sand bags made out of chili and diced potatoes
Mexican chicken mole (spicy chocolate) with penne pasta & jalapeño cheese

Chocolate coffee mousse considered to be the “safe haven”
Cookie & pop tart crusted with chocolate coffee mousse with a blueberry granola spread

The three Marine judges along with the Army and the Navy were impressed by their creativity and presentation.

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