County Prep Boy’s Intramural Basketball Team Snags a Win

The County Prep Boy’s Intramural Basketball team defeated their counterparts from High Tech in the first of several matchups during the 2016-2017. The final score was 49-25 in favor of County Prep. Leading the way for County Prep were Xavier Roman, William Lebron, Hasham Kahlon, Christian Williams, and Mario Vergara. The game was closely contested for the first several minutes until County Prep ultimately pulled away. Students from both schools came out to support their classmates and respective schools. The game was played competitively, with an emphasis on teamwork and sportsmanship. This event was a great way for our students to expend some of the competitive fire that they have. Both schools performed admirably and are eager to return to the court soon. Many thanks go to High Tech for hosting the event. In addition, a big thank you must go out to the principals of both institutions, Ms. Mendolla (County Prep) and Dr. Giammarella (High Tech) for helping make this event a reality. Lastly, thanks to Mr. Gargiulo and Dr. Sirangelo for supporting this endeavor. We look forward to seeing our students on the court again soon.

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