Cosmetology Students at County Prep Pass NJ State Board Exams

Congratulations to Ms. Donofrio's Cosmetology students for passing the rigorous New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology testing requirements. In order to qualify for licensing, students must accrue 1,000 hours learning about hair, nails, and skin care and then pass written and practicum exams. On March 29, the seniors passed the written component and on May 18, they passed the practicum. Upon receiving their high school diploma, the following students will then be licensed by the State of New Jersey in Cosmetology/Hairstyling. Best of luck to all of our students as they become trusted professionals in this career trajectory:

Illusion Castillo
Katelyn De la Cruz
Palvisha Khan
Donshana Martin
Aisha McLaughlin
Naomi Nelson
Sharon Neto

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