Chilltown Collective x County Prep Collaboration

Chilltown Collective x County Prep Collaboration
By Laura Lindo

Students look forward to creating memories, finding what they would like to pursue, and experiencing new things throughout their four years in high school. With different events held to foster their unique talents, meeting and making new friends, they are exposed to numerous life-changing situations. This 2015-2016 school year, County Prep High School students chose to take a different route in hopes of making their four-year adventure even more engaging. Collaboration with an exclusive brand holding a unique purpose, Chilltown Collective exposes teenagers to new opportunities and teaches them real life skills. Working in collaboration with County Prep, students open their minds to new possibilities. From using what they already know to learning new things, this partnership would grant them the opportunity to challenge themselves with different tasks.

Throughout the 2015-2016 school year, the Chilltown Collective team has collaborated with Student Council, advised by Ms. Torres, Mr. J. Carey and Mr. T. Carey, on the jersey design and production of their annual Volleyball Tournament. Back in October, the affiliation with County Prep started when Chilltown Collective contributed to the annual Casino Night fundraiser to help raise money for the HCAVTEA scholarship fund. The Chilltown Collective brand will bring more to future events. Some of these events entail the annual basketball tournament; school-wide spirit week; and a partnership with a fashion brand and local influencer. As students learn about what this brand means, they may feel a sense of belonging. County Prep High School and Chilltown strive to provide a home to all students and remind them to “Know Your Roots.”

Lovelisa’s Statement:
As an alumnus, I strongly believe that a lot of my accomplishments and vast skillset comes from the foundation at County Prep High School. The education, guidance, and support from the teachers, coaches and fellow students at County Prep contributed to strengthening my ability to progress as an individual and helped pave the way to where I am today. I have a deep appreciation for the school and the opportunities it has cultivated. Being in a team setting in both the basketball and volleyball teams holds a memorable time in my life which I cherish to this day. My four years at County Prep High School helped me push my limits. As mentioned in an article by EIGHTY MAG* Issue 3 in 2015, “being part of a team made me more personable, more of a leader” she explains. “Having girls to work with on and off the court, I learned how to build relationships.” It’s important to “Know Your Roots”, because essentially, you don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you came from. This is why I dedicate my time to the students at County Prep, so I could inspire to step out of their comfort zone, open their minds, shoot for the stars, and do what they love. As a collective, we “Do It For The Kids.”

* Founded by CP alumni Chadner Navarro + partner, Marinell Morales

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