8th Grade Class Visits High Tech High School

(October 6, 2019 – Jersey City) On Thursday October 3rd, the 8th grade class visited High Tech High School with Ms. Teschlog, Ms. Cirillo, Ms. Lauren Norcia and Ms. Franco. 
Ms. Valaria Arias and the High Tech High School Peer Leaders welcomed the students and kicked the day off with an overview of each academy (DFAB, Biomedical Science, Environmental Science, Culinary Arts, Performing Arts and Visual and Media Arts). Each Peer Leader talked at length about their academy and the experiences it has afforded them. After an overview and Q&A session, the Peer Leaders led the students on a tour of the academy of their choice. While visiting classrooms, the 8th graders were able to see students and their teachers in action.
“The teachers seemed so engaged with the students. I was happy that I got to speak directly with students and some of the teachers because I learned a lot more about the choices I would have within the academy. It’s really cool that the culinary students learn the business aspect of food services too,” Jonpierre Saitta shared. 
Madison Chambers hopes to be accepted into the Visual and Media Arts academy. She left the trip more inspired than ever. “The media room is so awesome. I couldn’t believe how much technology there was. They have a green screen, movie sets, like real equipment. The technology is incredible. The trip made me so excited because for me, now it seems like the possibilities and opportunities are endless.”
Although many of the students attended the Open House on the previous Sunday, this field trip gave them a more personal, in-depth experience with current High Tech students.

“I was glad I was able to ask seniors what classes were really like for them and just how hard the DFAB academy can be. I wanted to know about classes specific to DFAB, but also general classes like math. The peer leaders were great about everything,” Andre James shares. 

Jamser Urena detailed, “There were these sketches along a big wall. They were all created by architecture students throughout the years and it was really cool. We were shown phone cases that the students made which was very impressive and then they showed us chairs, tables, and shelves they made too. I’m more excited than I was before to apply but I’m even more nervous about getting accepted now too.”

For Explore applicants applying to High Tech, here are some important dates to remember:

Application Date: Sunday, September 29, 2019 (available at 5:00 pm)
Application Deadline Date: October 25, 2019
Deadline for Letters of Recommendation: November 1, 2019
Please visit the HTHS website for more detailed information: hths.hcstonline.org/about-us/admissions/
Please contact Explore School Counselor Ms. Mariel Teschlog with more specific questions, mteschlog@hcstonline.org.


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