Tech Savvy for Seniors

This course is designed to guide senior citizens through the technological pain points that they may experience on a daily basis. Designed for those with little to no computer experience, this multi week workshop provides discussion and hands-on practice toward gaining an understanding of basic computer and internet usage. At the end of the course, you will be able to identify computer components, use computer parts such as mouse and keyboard, access files and programs, set up email and video messaging accounts, use computer and internet applications, and become comfortable with using a computer.
Learn to navigate computer basics in a relaxed and comfortable class setting. Participants will also learn how to access features on their mobile devices that are useful to them as well as understanding their mobile device settings more clearly. This course will touch on how to avoid common scamming and phishing events that often target seniors as well as how to access government accounts like Medicare.

Tech Savvy for Seniors - Summer 2023 - Session 6

Saturday, June 24
Saturday, July 1
Saturday, July 8
Saturday, July 15
Saturday, July 22
Saturday, July 29