The TASC Test is an affordable national high school equivalency assessment.

Download flyer for Summer and Fall Registration information.

Who Can Test?

Test Forms

Test takers must meet the following criteria to take TASC:

  • Not currently enrolled in high school
  • Not graduated from high school
  • At least 16 years old

Available in English and Spanish


Testing and registration will be at the Jersey City  Center.

Jersey City Center

595 Montgomery ST,
Jersey City, NJ

Test Fees

  • $92.00 (For an entire battery consisting of 5 subtests – This includes up to 2 free retests)
  • $52.00 (CTB/McGraw Hill fee)
  • $40.00 (Testing Center Fee)
  • If the 5 subtests are purchased separately*, then the following would be the fees:
    • $10.40 (CTB/McGraw Hill fee)
    • $10.00 (Testing Center Fee)
    • There would be no free retests
  • Only Money Orders accepted for payments
  • •72 hour cancellation notice still applies


**Test Center administrative fees are per Center/State policy.

Identification for TASC Test Registration

 in order to demonstrate eligibility applicants are required to provide:


Driver’s Licenses, Permits, Passports, Voter registrations, School/College ID, Employee ID, or other photo identification.

And one or more of the following:


  •  Property tax bills; deeds; contracts of sale; leases; mortgages; signed letters from landlords; and other evidence of property ownership, tenancy, or residency;
  • Financial account information; utility bills; delivery receipts; and other evidence of personal attachment to a particular location;
  • Court orders; State agency agreements; and other evidence of court or agency placements or directives;
  • Receipts; bills; cancelled checks; insurance claims or payments; and other evidence of expenditures demonstrating personal attachment to a particular location or to support the test taker
  • Medical reports; counselor or social worker assessments; employment documents; unemployment claims; benefit statements; and other evidence of circumstances demonstrating family or economic hardship, or temporary residency;
  • Affidavits, certifications, and sworn attestations pertaining to statutory criteria from the parent, guardian, person keeping an “affidavit student," adult student, person(s) with whom a family is living, or others, as appropriate;
  • Documents pertaining to military status and assignment; and
  • Any other business record or document issued by a governmental entity.



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