Our Schools

HCST’s schools are public schools of choice that offer a diverse and challenging academic curriculum in technology rich environments. Each student is prepared for the opportunities of today


  • County Prep High School

    A message from Principal Barbara Mendolla

    Given our beliefs and our approach to education, our school offers a learning environment that challenges and nurtures all students. We continue to embrace change through meaningful programs. Connected learning anchored in a technology rich environment provides our students with the resources to explore, be creative, and prepare for their future.


    Our shared vision represents the foundation of the program and continues to make a positive difference in the education and achievements of our students. On behalf of the students and staff of County Prep High School, I would like to thank our Board of Education, the HCST Foundation, and our community partnerships for their continued support and commitment to our learning environment.



    Computer Programming

    Audio/Visual Production


    Internetworking/Technology Support

    Commercial Photography


    Culinary Arts


    Fashion Design

    Graphic Technology

    Medical Science

    Music/Audio Technology

    Theatre Arts

    Musical Theatre


  • High Tech High School

    A message from Principal Dr. Joseph Giammarella

    The new campus for High Tech High School adjacent to Laurel Hill Park in Secaucus is projected to open in the fall of 2018. The new location will allow for an increase in student population. HTHS administrators are striving to keep the school as diverse as possible to reflect the community of Hudson County. The building will be state of the art with up to date environmental technology, and will foster a collaborative atmosphere for students in different academies.



    Architecture & Design

    Industrial Design & Animation

    Computer Programming

    Engineering Technology

    Wood Technology


    Audio Technology & Music



    Musical Theatre


    Biomedical Science

    Environmental Studies


    Audio/Visual Production

    Broadcasting Technology

    Business Computer Applications

    Graphic Technology

    Fine & Studio Arts

    Computer Programming & Web Design

    Interactive Media



    Baking & Pastry

    Food Service Management


  • Explore 2000

    A message from Principal Amy Lin-Rodriguez


    Explore 2000 is a middle school where learning does not begin and end at the classroom door. The progressive setting offers various interactive projects and experiences beyond traditional learning. Through the years, the HCST Foundation has generously supported many of these programs which provide STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) and 21st Century Learning Opportunities. While there are too many examples to possibly include, some activities funded through the Foundation are: STEM Family Night, NJCU’s Proyecto Science, HOLD Lab, First Lego League Robotics Club, NJ Marine Corsortium’s Aquabot Summer Camp, and the ropes course at Ring Homestead Camp for students and staff, to name a few. The Explore family is extremely grateful for the never-ending support of Linda Quentzel and the entire HCST Foundation team!

  • Adult High School

    The Adult High School Program of the Hudson County Schools of Technology is a nontraditional, adult secondary program established in 1978. The Hudson County Schools of Technology Board of Education, as well as the New Jersey State Department of Education, have approved the concepts, policies, organization, and content of this Adult High School Program.


    The basic objective of the Adult High School Program is to recognize those adults who have not completed high school but who have continued to gain knowledge and skills through educational, employment and personal sources.

    The HCST Adult High School Program will provide counseling and academic advisement with regard to different types of credit needed to complete the adult high school graduation requirement and will assess all acquired skills and knowledge for adult high school credit.


    The HCST Adult High School Program has registration twice a year. The program operates ten months a year.